I Can Supply FAQ

1) What is I Can Supply?

https://ican.supply/ is a leading B2B e-commerce platform for wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. I Can supply is a UK based platform, and we provide sellers with the ability to have a store within our platform. This means that, sellers can set up a store on our platform with all the website features and list their products. Our website is a complete platform with all the tools needed for business which includes e-commerce, marketing, PR and market news influence.

2) Is it totally free?

Yes, I Can supply is totally free , companies and store owners can sign up, set up a store, add products , connect with potential buyers and use the features the platform offers for free, we don't even have a payment methods.

3) How to use the site?

Using the site and setting up a store very easy, go tohttps://ican.supply/, then sign up , and you’re ready to use the site. If you want to set up a store go to “My store” , click on “Become supplier” and assign a URL name for your shop, this will be your micoresite name and subdomain, and can’t be change. Then go you “Store setting” to add products and your company information which it will be presented to the customers. Go to “May account” to manage your account information.

4)What is the Quotes and Sourcing?

Quotes and sourcing aimed to ease the quotation process between buyers and sellers, the system will make buyers reach out for many sellers who sells the same products simultaneously in one single form. Also the system allows the sellers to be contacted by any potential buyer, this will allow sellers and buyers to reach out for each other's without the hassle of contacting 100s.

5) What is Tradebook?

Companies and businesses can post, share, comment, follow, and unfollow. Sellers and buyers are able to communicate effectively on our social interaction platform.

6) What is Ask Community?

Questions related to a product, business, or any company, can be asked and answered here. This is a question and answer interactive section for potential buyers and sellers.