How it works

  • Free to sign up

It’s completely free to join us, set up an account, add products, and use all the great features we offer to reach customers. With built-in payments, and delivery service we provide a safe and convenient platform for your customers to buy from you.

Step 1: Seller registration - Wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers need to register on our site and add their products in the panel.

Step 2: Add product catalogue - Wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers can input the product details like CAS no. product description that includes weight, price etc. Sellers can add or delete products from their product catalogue at their convenience.

  • Free marketing

Reach your ideal shopper with content marketing, SEO, and on social media platforms. Our e-commerce site makes digitally-sold products searchable and accessible to the suppliers and distributors instead of having to go through a service representative.

Help people find your store with SEO tools to edit title tags, meta descriptions, and product details. Through User Generated Reviews and analysis we increase the demand for your product giving you insight on online shopping patterns. This analysis is useful to improve upon what is displayed on the catalogues, thus increasing traffic and revenue.

We have encompassed social media engagement on our website which can help with the social interaction between sellers and buyers, and bring traffic to the platform. Through the use of

Tradebook which provides Social media with news feed, companies and businesses can post, share, comment, follow and unfollow, it gives chance for sellers and buyers to engage socially. 

Ask Community:  Social media with Q & A, allows buyers to ask questions related to a product, company or any business. This allows companies and businesses to show their expertise, which leads buyers to the eCommerce platform.

We free up your time to perfect your products, optimize your marketing, and talk with your customers.

  • Get worldwide customers

We provide manufacturing industries with an e-commerce platform that has an extensive product catalog with a wide range of products that you want to share with suppliers and distributors. Manufacturers are free to do Price and product personalization.

We make your catalog fully accessible and easily searchable online. Our highly flexible, usable, clean design provides customers with all the information they would be looking for.

Our Quotes and sourcing is aimed to ease the quotation process between buyers and sellers, the system will make buyers reach out to many sellers who sell the same products simultaneously in one single form and also allow the sellers to be contacted by any potential buyer, without the hassle of physically meeting.

By also making sure that our modes of payment are both local and global, we allow all the local currencies worldwide.

We provide you a tool to manage all your products, inventory, and customers, no matter how many clients you are selling to and from which country you are selling in. 

  • Expose yourself internationally 

Our website is a universal platform where buyers can set their own criteria while searching. We operate both locally and globally. If you are a wholesaler, distributor or manufacturer you can feature your company on our platform.

By using our website, search engines, such as Google or Bing, play a significant role in how potential new customers find you. It narrows the search and makes finding the right product by buyers much easier and quicker.